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Natural Shoreline Protection

Marram grass being planted to help strengthen vulnerable areas along the dunes

Natural shoreline stabilization is a process of managing and stabilizing the shoreline of a body of water using natural materials and vegetation instead of hard structures.

This approach focuses on preserving and enhancing the natural environment by using native plant species, such as grasses and shrubs, to stabilize the shoreline and provide habitat for wildlife.

A shoreline being secured using burlap, spruce branches, and seaweed following Hurricane Fiona destruction

In the fall of 2022, following Hurricane Fiona damage, a resident within the watershed reached out to our organization for help with shoreline protecting using a natural approach.

Partnering with Nova Scotia based organization, Helping Nature Heal, a design was made to use natural materials such as spruce branches, burlap, and seaweed in order to secure remaining bank structure and rejuvenate soil.

The site will continue to be monitored over time.

Burlap secures remaining soil in place
A combination of natural materials are used to protect bank structures
When dry, seaweed acts as a concrete, securing structures in place. By decomposing over time, the seweed will send nutrients back into the soil.