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About us

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The South Shore Watershed Association (SSWA) is a registered charitable organization established in 2011 to protect and maintain five adjacent watersheds in the the south-central area of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

SSWA serves the following watersheds: DeSable River, Westmoreland River, Tryon River, Augustine Cove and Cape Traverse Rivers, and Seven Mile Bay River.

The South Shore Watershed Association is made up of board members, community members, students & staff. We work year long to help fund and support conservational projects along the South Shore.

We connect landowners, agricultural producers, and other industries to funding for conservation projects.

Board of Directors

Elected directors

Daphne Davey (Secretary-Treasurer)

Alison Jenkins

Irene Sherren

[two vacancies]

Watershed representatives (east to west)

DeSable: Bonnie Rieber

Westmoreland: Dina Blot (Chair)

Tryon: Brenda Graves (Vice-Chair)

Augustine Cove-Cape Traverse : [vacant]

Seven Mile Bay: [vacant]


Executive Director

Juliana Fernandes Granzoti

Juliana has been Coordinator of the South Shore Watershed Association since 2019. She has experience in overseeing major projects such as the construction of pollinator gardens for Monarch butterflies in each watershed, annual stream and wildlife habitat restoration, and installation of an outdoor classroom in Crapaud for community connection to nature.


Wildlife Technician

Matthew Meenink

Matt has been Field Supervisor for the South Shore Watershed Association since coming on in 2019. He holds a diploma in Wildlife Conservation Technology from Holland college and a Wildlife Conservation degree from the University of Prince Edward Island. Matt is experienced conducting research, implementing design, and leading large groups of people through wildlife restoration projects.