South Shore Watershed Association

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We are individuals dedicated to preserving and restoring the South Shore watershed through community-based initiatives, scientific research, and innovative conservation practices.

What We Do

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Watershed Technician, Jean-Luc, Assessing a stream

Keep up with our data

We work hard collecting data to ensure our watershed stays healthy.

Estuary Health

We monitor estuaries throughout our watershed for the Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action.

Water Quality

Every week throughout the summer, we take readings at 17 different locations to determine water health for the Atlantic Data Stream-an open hub resource for water quality throughout the Maritimes.

Anuran and Amphibian Study

For three summers, we have been collecting presence/absence data at five locations throughout our watershed. You can see our data on frogs and toads (anurans) at the Frogwatch program, or email us for our data on all the species.